Serving the greater Augusta, Georgia region, Emineo Marketing is a project-based consulting firm helping businesses define their brand, set obtainable business goals, and achieve those goals through innovative and strategic marketing tactics. 

Well, that’s really what we are. Who we are goes much deeper. For starters, we’re investigators – probing into your business to identify the problems that are unique to you and your industry. We’re intent listeners – to you, your customers, and the market as a whole. We’re navigators – developing a customized roadmap and marketing plan to get your business from here to there. We’re connectors – inviting you into our robust network of get-it-done gurus. And we’re taskmasters – timely executing top line strategies for bottom line results. 

Founded by Rebecca Best, a community-oriented marketing communications and sales professional as well as Lecturer of Marketing at Augusta University, Emineo Marketing has its finger on the pulse of the greater Augusta market. With a passion for community relations, servant leadership, and the elevation of the Augusta business community as a whole, Rebecca leads her clients and team to success with infectious enthusiasm.

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